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PMPlayer is an extension for the UXP based browsers that can play videos from supported sites and in browser supported formats in a separate resizable popup window so you can watch while you surf.

PMPlayer demo screenshot
A Youtube video playing in PMPlayer.


The extension is built using XUL APIs, supported by Pale Moon and other browsers built on UXP, such as Basilisk & Borealis Navigator. You can install it for Pale Moon from here, for Basilisk from here and view the source repository here.

Supported streaming sites

(If you have installed PMPlayer, you can play the linked videos below using the rightclick menu): PMPlayer works by embedding the video in a separate window. This is dependent on the uploader of the video in question allowing embeds, so it may not work in some cases.

Supported formats

PMPlayer can also play videos that are directly linked. Currently it recognizes the following video extensions (playback subject to Pale Moon's codec support) - AAC,GIFV,MOV,MP4,OGA,OGV,WEBM.


PMPlayer can be configured by clicking on Preferences from its Addons page entry:

A toolbar button is also available, can be added from the customize toolbar dialog:


PMPlayer can be launched in 4 ways that will be enabled when a supported video page or link URL is detected:

PMPlayer tools menu screenshot
From the Tools menu (enabled if the current page is a valid video page).
PMPlayer toolbar button screenshot
From the toolbar button(enabled if the current page is a valid video page).
PMPlayer context menu screenshot
From the context menu on a video page, or by rightclicking a link to a supported video.
PMPlayer embedded menu screenshot
By rightclicking on a video embedded on a page.

If the current page is not the actual page of a video (for example, a channel page or the main page of Youtube) or the player window is already open, the menu and toolbar button will be disabled and marked with a red icon, and the context menu will not be available on the page.

PMPlayer disabled menu screenshot

Tools menu item disabled when not on a video page.

PMPlayer disabled toolbar button screenshot

Toolbar button disabled when not on a video page, with tooltip.