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This is an extension for the Pale Moon browser that automatically strips garbage tracking parameters like utm_source from URLs. The default list is comprehensive, and can be customized. It is forked from an older version of the original for Firefox, but adds additional UI and logging features.


The extension is built using XUL APIs, supported by Pale Moon and other browsers built on UXP, such as Basilisk & Borealis Navigator. You can install it for Pale Moon from here, Basilisk from here and view the source repository here.


Pure URL options dialog

Toolbar button

The extension also has a toolbar button which can be added from the browser's toolbar customization dialog:

All Pure URL's functions can be toggled on/off by clicking the toolbar button, and it is colored green and red for on and off, respectively. The tooltip indicates current status, as well as total links processed on the last loaded tab, whose URL is shown.

Pure URL toolbar screenshot, on
When enabled.
Pure URL toolbar screenshot, off
When disabled.

The toolbar button also allows you to directly configure the extension's behavior, as shown:

The extension can run in the background without any UI elements visible, to reduce clutter. In this case, the preferences are still accessible from the addons page.